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Happy are thee with Alice for tea,

a party so filled up with laughter;
the Hatter was mad and the March Hare was madder; 
its time to go home and everyone's sadder. 
Time to be going before the moon's face is showing, 
if Alice is stuck her fate is unknowing.
Pickles won't cheer, the day's end is near, 
that little white rabbit  
just won't let it have it; 
He's hidden all her stuff  
behind puzzles and locks

 So master the riddles which open each lock
and help her escape 
before out runs her clock!


  • Time: 60 minutes.

  • Teams of: 2-6 players.

  • Difficulty: Medium.

  • Single room game.

  • Recommended for beginners.

  • Game Flow: Linear.

  • Recommended for players of all ages.

  • Minimum age: 6 + , accompanied by adult.

  • No prior knowledge needed.