Put your skills and endurance to the test!

Citadel is a game that will test your teamworks ability, test their clue finding skills and problem solving capabilities.


Using your intelligence and determination,

you must solve the puzzles and decipher clues in order to find the key to unlock the door.

Ah but!!!...

...you only have 60 minutes and the clock is ticking.

Pirates attack your ship's crew.

Can you get to the safety of The Citadel

and call for help?

The Gulf of Aden is beautiful, but dangerous.


We took every possible precaution to protect our precious cargo. But it wasn’t until we saw that skiff speeding through the midnight ocean, heard the clatter of armed pirates boarding our vessel, smelt the steel of their guns as they pushed us into the storage room – that was when we realised what was really valuable on the ship.


They’ve taken the Captain to negotiate the ransom… But these handcuffs are a little loose… maybe one of us can get through to The Citadel and call for help...


We haven’t got long, but we have got hope, brains and a better knowledge of the ship than these pirates.

Can we find a way to save the Captain and ourselves?


It’s your first week working in the Chandler & Lang Detective Agency, you and a few of the other fresh meat have been tasked by a suspicious wife to tail her husband, the famous scriptwriter Guy Haines.

It isn’t long before this mundane task drags you into the dark web of deceit lurking beneath Holywood’s glamorous surface.


Alice is visiting Wonderland, Pickles doesn't want her to leave and has hidden the keys all over Wonderland.

She must get home before sunset or she'll be trapped in Wonderland forever.

Happy are thee with Alice for tea,

A party so filled up with laughter;
The Hatter was mad and the March Hare was madder;
It’s time to go home and everyone's sadder.
Time to be going before the moon's face is showing,
If Alice is stuck her fate is unknowing.
Pickles won't cheer,
The day's end is near,
That little white rabbit won't have it;
He's hidden Alice's gear so she won't disappear and you need to help her get out!

Are you on Santa's naughty or nice list?

Christmas is approaching and that means Santa's

going to be checking his list – twice!

Will you be getting sacks of presents or just a big lump of coal!

It is nearly time for Christmas and you have found out

you are on Santa's naughty list!

The list is 'Top Secret' and is kept under lock and key in

a hidden location.

You do not want a big lump of coal for Christmas, so you need to sneak into Santa's office and get your name on the nice list before someone catches you.