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Fantastic night at catch 22, me and my partner done the citadel room. It was great we escaped with 3 minutes to spare! Really greatly thought out. Tricky but not so tricky that you are stressing like mad, good for getting the old nerves going! Eve was out games master, such a lovely helpful friendly woman! Honestly so patient with us when we repeatedly made mistakes! We will definitely be back to try the notorious room!

Shan Deighan

Visited again yesterday, we did the Christmas themed room. Great fun for adults and children alike. The difficulty level was just right, enough to keep adults entertained and fun enough for children to enjoy.


Myself and 2 teenage grandchildren tried the Santa’s room where we had to get ourselves off the naughty list. We did need some hints to get going but thoroughly enjoyed the challenges. We escaped with time to spare and really enjoyed ourselves. Would definitely return if back in Glasgow.


We had our grandson at the Christmas escape and he enjoyed the experience. Helping with the clues and opening the lock was good to see.
Would recommend this for a family activity

Malcolm C

I have done a few escape rooms before, others with me hadn’t. good intro and info – quite difficult, but we did work through most of it ourselves. Extra clues appeared on the TV screen is we were struggling, which was great for our group. Really enjoyed it and the new-comers now want to do another

Sue B

Room was awesome and service was good. We played Notorious and it kept us going until the end.
But I’ll definitely go back, hour went very fast and we loved every minute of it. ????????


Had a great time with our family ages from 9-68. Everyone could do something from solving a puzzle to finding items needed to solve them. We played citadel and
had a blast, cant wait to go back to try wonderland room next.


Great experience, I did the wonderland escape room and it was so much fun wasn’t too hard either. Eve was our game master and she was very welcoming and explained everything really well. She gave us a couple clues but not too many. Next time we will definitely do the citadel as it looked like really good fun. Thank you Eve for a lovely day 🙂 x

Emily D

Just tried their online version of the Christmas game and it was really good ! Well set up – just make sure that the kids actually let the videos play once you have unlocked a padlock as we skipped past a couple by accident in their hurry to move on! We had an issue with that but the game lets you carry on after the hour and I asked for help on Messenger and they came right back to me at 9pm at night and sorted us out so we carried on and finished it! Terrific support ! I hope they do more online games – please support these businesses!