Online Game FAQ

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Can the online games be played from multiple devices in different households?

Yes! We designed the game to be played any time and anywhere as long as you got internet connection. You will purchase the game once (priced £15 each ) and will receive a confirmation email. This email contains a login link. Just forward this onto whomever you wish to play with! (Up to 6 Players)

Its asking me to pick a date and time but i thought you could play it anytime?

The date and time you pick does not matter as you can play anytime you wish. It is only needed as the way our booking system works.

If I book a date and time, do I need to play at that time?

The date and time you pick does not matter as you can play anytime you wish. There is 1 hour  timer in the game as your target time. If your time runs out you can still continue to play the game for 48h from when you pressed start.

How is it played ? What device can I use?

The online games are played via a website. So can be accessed through a laptop, desktop or tablet. Mobile devices may not work properly so we suggest not to use them. There are no specific requirements for the games themselves, ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Which game is best for beginners or kids to play?

We designed the game for families, first timers, kids and adults to play online together in an escape room online setting.

How many people can play?

We suggest around 2-4 players maximum but you could be played with up to 6 players. If you wish to play with other households, simply send them the confirmation, login in at the same time and play together via Zoom or Skype.

Will I be sent the confirmation automatically?

The confirmation is automated – so will be sent straight after your purchase. Check spam folders and junk in case it ends in there. Any problems please email us – or you can contact us via our website.