Booking FAQ

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What if we are running late on the day?

Please don’t be late!  Let us know straight away. However, do note that, depending on the venue, we can’t allow games to go ahead (with sadly no refund) if you arrive later than 10 minutes, as it would have a rolling impact on all of our bookings for the day.

Can we bring more players than booked on the day?

You can bring more players on the day up to max. Allowed for the game you’ve booked. Simply let us know in advance so you can pay beforehand using our online system.

How do I contact you regarding bookings?

All our bookings are made online and any requests regarding bookings must be sent through an email so we can track the conversation.

Can I book more than one game at a time?

In order to book multiple games, simply find the time for which all game rooms are available and then add one of the slots to the cart. You can then click on ‘select another item’ to continue adding other slots.

Can we cancel our booking?

We only allow cancellation if you provide us with a notice 14 days before the booking date as these are live events. There is also a £7.5 charge to process the refund.

Can we reschedule our booking?

You can reschedule a booking once, free of charge, provided you give us a minimum notice of 7 days from the booking date as these are live events.

One of our bookings is at a different time, can we start at the same time?

Come to the venue at the same time, and we will try and get you started together if it is one big group.

How can I book?

To reserve a room, use our simple and easy booking page. If you have any questions or booking queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.